Our History

BIOVIGO specialises in the field of health and nutritional supplements. We are inspired by the idea that better health results from the knowledge of nature and its supply of nutrients. Therefore, BIOVIGO's products are made from natural ingredients and are vegan whenever possible. This ensures that our products are hypoallergenic and well tolerated by our bodies.

Deep-sea fish Collagen Peptides 

Low molecularweight 

Easily absorbed by the body

Caught in Norwegian waters

Where fish swim in clean waters, away from pollution. 

100% from the Nature 

Quality assured.


Our fishing activities are done in a sustainable way to ensure balance.

Commitment to Excellence 

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BIOVIGO has its own research and development team in Germany. We attach great importance to hygiene and modern quality controls, which are made possible by the use of modern analytical procedures in our production process. Each product is subject to rigorous internal quality management and testing, as well as regular third-party certified laboratory testing. Our products are certified by IFS, ISO, FDA, HACCP and BIO. Some of our products even have certifications from the European Union, such as the German PZN certification for medical food supplements, which should be found on the shelves of a German pharmacy.

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Kundendienst von Herze

As a manufacturer and service provider, we have a strong sales network and customer service based in Europe. This allows us to respond quickly to our customer's needs and complaints. BIOVIGO stands for high quality, fair prices and customer-specific support. Our customer service is always ready to answer your questions.